Patient-generated data (PGD) provide a remote window into patient health states and allow the development of digital biomarkers. Large amounts of data from different sources (including wearables, apps, patient questionnaires, etc.) need to be aligned, harmonized, and combined. Standards are needed for interoperability for such work, including, structural interoperability, semantic interoperability and relevant context. Simona’s talk will provide an overview of the work done by Open mHealth and the IEEE P1752 Open Mobile Data working group.

March 25th 2024, 12:00 Pacific Time (UTC - 7)

Simona Carini, University of California, San Francisco

Simona Carini is a research assistant in Dr. Ida Sim’s research lab at UCSF, where she has been a principal contributor to the Trial Bank Project, the Ontology of Clinical Research (OCRe), the Human Studies Database (HSDB, the data federation project for the Clinical and Translational Science Awards, CTSA) and other projects.


For the past ten years, she has been involved in the definition of data schemas for semantic interoperability of digital health solutions for Open mHealth and then also for the IEEE P1752 Open Mobile Health Working Group, for which she also serves as Secretary. IEEE 1752.1 (Representation of Metadata, Sleep and Physical Activity Measures) was approved in 2021. She actively fosters the development and implementation of standard representation of digital data to facilitate wider use of such data in self- and clinical care.

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